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Life With Surface Noise

In 1977 'The John Peel Show' was beginning to hit it's peak. Now Peel's mixture of rock, folk and blues had a new intruder, with punk and new wave. Introducing new audiences to the sounds of The Stranglers, the Jam, Generation X, and many more, the show became the most essential show for teenagers and twenty-somethings, to listen to, to be able to show off their musical knowledge in playgrounds, campus' and workplaces throughout the UK. When some trendy something in the 80s told him that he preferred CDs to vinyl, because he didn't like the surface noise on records, John's memeorable reply was 'My friend, Life has Surface Noise' The SFC Home Service is proud to present a new series of shows looking at the very best of tracks played on the John Peel Show during the 70s and 80s. Follow us now on the website, on Facebook or through mixcloud.

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