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Regression Mix 019 - August 1976

I am going to take you back to August 1976, when, in the middle of the UK's biggest heatwave, Big Ben suffored internal damage and stopped for nine months. The summer Olympics in Montreal came to a close and 100 police officers were injured in the Notting Hill riots. When Elton John And Kiki Dee continued their run at the top of the singles charts, until ABBA replaced them and Nick Lowe and Joan Armatrading released their debut albums and Derek and Clive were banned from every radio station in Britain, whilst the Beach Boys '20 Golden Greats' spent the whole month, and more, at Number One. When cinemas saw 'The Return Of A Man Called Horse', and the genius pairing of Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce made their spin-off sit-com from 'Man About The House' a TV hit of 'George & Mildred'. All those memories, feelings and long past moments which made you who you are today. Now available to subscribers and donators.


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